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Forte Flex K9: A Game-Changer in Managing CCL Injuries for Aging Labradors


As our beloved furry friends age, they often encounter health challenges that require careful consideration and thoughtful solutions. One such story is that of Dory, a 12-year-old Labrador, who faced partial tears to both Cranial Cruciate Ligaments (CCL) at the age of 8. Instead of opting for surgery, her owner chose a path less traveled – participating in the Forte Flex K9 trial. This decision turned out to be a game-changer for Dory's well-being.

The Forte Flex K9 Trial:

Dory's journey with Forte Flex K9 began when she entered the trial at the age of 8. In the first 30 days, her owner noticed significant improvements – Dory became more comfortable and limped less, marking the beginning of a remarkable transformation.

The Healing Process:

Following the vet's therapy protocol, which emphasized minimal movement, combined with daily doses of Forte Flex K9, Dory steadily progressed over the next few months. Each passing month brought about noticeable healing, and Dory began moving more comfortably. Astonishingly, she regained the ability to jump back on the bed and couch, showcasing her resilience and recovery.

A Testament to Forte Flex K9:

Now at 12 years old, four years after the initial injury, Dory is not only moving comfortably but actively engaging in activities like playing fetch. The Forte Flex K9 supplement has proven instrumental in her ongoing well-being, helping manage the arthritis that naturally accompanies the aging process.

Dory's Testimonial:

To witness the incredible transformation that Forte Flex K9 brought to Dory's life, her owner has shared a heartfelt testimonial video. In this video, Dory's owner discusses the decision-making process, the initial days of the trial, and the steady progress that ultimately led to Dory's current state of vitality.


Dory's journey stands as a testament to the potential benefits of alternative solutions for managing CCL injuries in aging dogs. Forte Flex K9's role in her recovery highlights the importance of exploring various options tailored to each pet's unique needs. As pet owners, our commitment to the well-being of our furry companions may lead us to unexpected but effective solutions, ensuring they enjoy a happy and healthy life in their golden years.
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